Module 6 FrailtySIM - Become Victor & Being Jane

Based on a gentleman called Victor, this module  provides the user with the opportunity to “walk” in the shoes of an older person living with frailty, and enables the user to experience the vulnerability of differing levels of functional losses associated with frailty and ageing.

The objectives of this module are to:

  • Increase awareness of frailty;
  • Develop understanding and empathy for older people living with frailty;
  • Enhance observational skills;
  • Practice deploying assistive technology;
  • Apply the knowledge, understanding and skills of modules 2 & 3 to assess Victor’s level of frailty.

Local Trainer Resources include:

  • Set up and trouble shooting guide
  • Facilitator’s guide and slides
  • FrailtySIM Introduction Video and transcript
  • FrailtySIM Walkthrough (Clues playback) Video and transcript
  • Reflective learning & clues template
  • A range of options for accessing FrailtySIM software and compatible VR equipment (additional cost)

This module forms part of the following bundles:

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