Licence for the use of Frailty360 resources

These resources are provided with a licence for use within your organisation.  You are free to use with your staff, as well as local stakeholders e.g., as part of engagement and training events with those involved in the wider health and social care system locally.

You may use the resources alongside relevant local content, but please ensure that Fusion48 Limited is acknowledged as copyright holder of all the relevant modules and associated Frailty360 resources.

Please feel free to tell others about the training and demonstrate what is available, but you are not permitted to provide either electronic or hard copy of the materials for use by other organisations without first seeking permission from Fusion48 Limited.

You are also not permitted to use the resources for commercial purposes or financial gain.  This includes running courses where students are required to pay to participate, including university courses and private training courses.  If you wish to use the resources for these purpose, please contact us.