Module 8 Victor's story

The module uses a video featuring role play actors and memorabilia to enable participants to learn more about Victor, his life, what’s important to him and his current situation and to meet Kath (Victor’s daughter).  Victor’s story can then be used in a variety of ways to put into practice various aspects from the earlier modules, including observations from FrailtySIM.

The objectives of this module are to:

  • Apply the knowledge, understanding and skills of modules 1 - 4 to a community-based case example, including understanding what is important, how to support independence and assessing levels of frailty
  • Explore the importance of family carers through the role of Kath
  • Work together as a multi-disciplinary team

Local Trainer Resources include:

  • Video of Victor’s story (USB stick) and Voice of Victor and Kath cards
  • What’s important worksheet
  • Supporting Independence Care planning exercise card
  • Supporting Independence Care planning template and examples of output

This module forms part of the following bundles: