Module 4 Managing Frailty

This module highlights the importance and implications of managing frailty as a long term condition.  It outlines the range of interventions for different levels of frailty, whilst introducing the growing evidence base.

It can also be used as an opportunity for teams to consider the strengths and vulnerabilities of teams and systems of care, through the lens of the Frailty Fulcrum domains and the Think Frailty model.

The objectives of this module are to:

  • Highlight the benefits of considering frailty as a long term condition
  • Introduce the “Think Frailty” framework
  • Provide an overview of the types of interventions which should be considered for different levels of frailty and why comprehensive and holistic assessment and care planning (Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment or CGA) is the Gold Standard.
  • Raise awareness of the growing evidence base, associated guidance and current national initiatives.

Local Trainer Resources include:

  • Managing Frailty powerpoint presentation and associated speaker notes.
  • Exercise card for Mapping strengths and vulnerabilities of teams and systems of care to Frailty Fulcrum domains.
  • Think Frailty handout.

This module forms part of the following bundles: