Module 10 Caring for the carers - Baldev’s story

The module uses a narrated video to introduce Baldev, Nirmala’s husband, providing information about his outlook on life, how Nirmala’s hospitalisation affected him and his concerns for the future.  Baldev’s story is then used to explore opportunities to care for the carer and manage changes in the carer’s own level of frailty.  Participants work together to apply the breadth of their skills, knowledge and understanding the situation.

The objectives of this module are to:

  • Apply the knowledge, understanding and skills of modules 1 - 3 to a community-based case example, including understanding what is important, supporting individual journeys of frailty.
  • Explore the importance of Healthy Caring for older people caring for others and the support available to them.
  • Explore impact of frailty syndromes and consider opportunities for prevention and risk reduction.
  • Work together as a multi-disciplinary team.

Local Trainer Resources include:

  • Video of Baldev's story and Voice of Baldev card
  • Supporting Independence Care planning exercise card
  • Supporting Independence Care planning template and examples of output
  • A Practical Guide to Healthy Caring

This module forms part of the following bundles: