Four steps to deploying FrailtySIM

Immersive and interactive training resources to engage everyone involved in the care and support of older people.

One of our design principles has been to make FrailtySIM, our Virtual Reality Frailty experience, as accessible as possible.   A component of this is to ensure FrailtySIM can be used with the lowest cost hardware with sufficient functionality. 

As it is a new way of learning for many individuals and organisations, and requires a few different elements to work together, we have produced this short guide to the four steps to deploy FrailtySIM.  

1. Start with a compatible Smartphone(s)

There are a wide range of Android-based smartphones suitable for running FrailtySIM VR App.  The minimum requirements of the smartphone(s) are:

  • Android 4.1 and up
  • CPU with at least 2 GB of RAM & sufficient clock speed (e.g., Samsung Galaxy S5 has quad core 2.5 GHz CPU & 2GB of RAM)
  • Minimum screen size of 4.5” to 5.25” depending on VR goggles & at least 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution.
  • Gyrometer, accelerometer, proximity sensor, compass
  • Headphone jack

NB. Phones do not require SIM card to run FrailtySIM.

Your Options:

  • Use existing phones if compatible and you have enough that can be freed up for training.
  • Buy reconditioned models from local suppliers or online retailers such as Music Magpie, CEX.  Expect to pay c. £165 for a “Grade B” Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • Order FrailtySIM-in-a-box

WARNING: Lower specification phones may reduce quality of experience and increase risk of VR-induced motion sickness due to poor frame rate, latency, and other issues.

2. Get Google cardboard compatible VR headset(s)

When choosing your VR headset (which must be compatible with Google cardboard VR apps), the factors to consider include:
  • Compatibility with smart phone (size, operating system)
  • Comfort (weight, padding, adjustable straps)
  • Field of view – 100 degrees plus
  • Adjustment for pupil distance and focal length
  • Integrated or separate headphones
  • Quality of the lenses & overall durability

There are a wide range available from online retailers or you can order  FrailtySIM-in-a-box

3. Install FrailtySIM VR App on smartphone(s)

The FrailtySIM VR App is available on App Store and Google Play  For those familiar with installing applications the process should be straight forward.  The basic steps are:
  • Add an Apple ID or Google Account to your smart phone (or use existing ID/account) and sign in
  • Set up payment info (if necessary)
  • Open App Store / Google Play and search “FrailtySIM”
  • Click the “£5.99” green button and authorize purchase
  • FrailtySIM should start to download to device

    NB. Use the same account to install on multiple devices for your office and pay only once.

    Click on the relevant button below to go direct to FrailtySIM on App Store or Google Play

    4. Use with the learning resources

    A comprehensive set of resources have been developed to ensure learners get the maximum benefit from FrailtySIM.   Funding by Ufi Charitable Trust has enabled development of a 'learner-led' approach making FrailtySIM suitable for individual or group training.  

    The Learning Resources are available as part of FrailtySIM-in-a-box or as a digital download and include:

    • Facilitator’s guide (digital and hard copy available)
    • Introductory Video
    • Walkthrough Video
    • Become Victor & Being Jane slides
    • Walking through Frailty slides
    • Reflections and clues worksheet
    • Walking through Frailty workbook

    NB.  Only need to buy one digital download per office


    "Can't learn this experience in a classroom or text book.

    You need to do it!"

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