FrailtySIM VR Goggles - pre-used

FrailtySIM VR Goggles - pre-used

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Already have a compatible smart phone?

If all you need is some VR goggles to be able to access FrailtySIM and other immersive VR learning experiences then you can order VR goggles from us that:  

  • Are compatible with Android and Apple phones and all leading brands with screen sizes of 4-6 inches. The built-in retractable stereo headphones, adjustable to anyone's head size, are made of high quality memory sponge, which is more comfortable and provides stronger sound-proofing to reduce noise from outside Victor's world. 
  • Provide total immersion with a 120° large field of view, which is closer to the human visual angle, to ensure immersive reality.
  • Has a Diopter Adjuster that provides a 0°- 800° myopia and 0°- 400° hyperopia, which means most FrailtySIM participants will not need to wear glasses, and can easily adjust the focal distance while wearing the headset.
  • Are designed with 6 airflow pores to insure proper air flow and heat reduction throughout your FrailtySIM experience.
  • Enable you to experience FrailtySIM and other Virtual Reality and 3D apps and 360 video.
  • Has FrailtySIM branding on the front.

Please note these are in good condition but have been used.

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